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Autumn Acne Flare: Find out why and deal with it!

Φθινοπωρινή έξαρση ακμής: Μάθε το γιατί και αντιμετώπισέ την!
The autumn it is a season of change, with temperatures dropping and humidity rising. This change in weather has serious effects on cuticle us, as the acne it can get worse. Many people face sudden outbreaks of acne during the fall, and this can be due to several reasons.

The Effect of Temperature and Humidity

Η temperature drop and increase in humidity during the fall is a big factor for the acne flare-up. Our skin becomes more vulnerable and sensitive at this time. Wind and low humidity, and even high heating in the house, contribute to acne flare-ups in the fall.

Each cuticle reacts differently to changes in temperature and environment. However, acne-prone skins usually experience dryness during the fall. Many people mistakenly believe that the solution is to wash the skin less and use more moisturizer. However, the facial cleansing is necessary even for the acne prone skin, but it must be done with gentle movements and be used products that do not irritate the skin.

Another factor that affects the appearance of acne during the fall is clothing with warm clothes. Woolen clothes and scarves can cause irritation and clog pores, making the skin vulnerable to complications and acne breakouts.


The Importance of Hydration

Η hydration it is vital for the protection and health of our skin. During the autumn, the hydration is even more important, as low temperatures and increased humidity can dehydrate the skin us. THE dryness of the skin causes irritation and inflammation, creating the ideal environment for it appearance of acne.

To avoid it seasonal acne and keep your skin healthy, it's important to moisturize your skin daily. Use one moisturizing cream that is suitable for your skin type and apply morning and night. Furthermore, drink enough water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.


The Importance of Cleanliness and Gentle Care

Ο facial cleansing is vital for prevention and acne treatment. During the fall, you need to be careful during the skin cleansing, using gentle products and avoiding strong friction. Cleanse your face morning and night with a gentle cleaning product and avoid products that contain substances that irritate the skin.

Furthermore, avoid contact of your hands with your face, as you can transfer bacteria and fungi to your skin. Contact with acne can cause infection and further inflammation. Yet, avoid touching your pimples, as this can worsen the situation and cause skin marks.

The Importance of Healthy Eating and Good Sleep

Η diet and sleep are two important factors that affect the health of our skin. During the fall, it is important to feed yourself healthy and yes avoid fatty foods and sweets, as these can worsen the skin condition.

Moreover, the good sleep it is essential for the recovery and renewal of our skin. Try sleep for several hours at night and create a sleep routine that will help you rest and rejuvenate.

The Dermatologist's Advice

Finally, it is important to work with him your dermatologist and follow them tips And the medications he recommends. The specialist will be able to assess the condition of your skin and provide you with the appropriate acne treatments. Follow your dermatologist's instructions and be consistent with your skin care for best results.



The autumn it can be a difficult time for our skin as acne can worsen due to changes in temperature and humidity. However, with the right care and the advice of a dermatologist, we can get through this season without facing problems with acne. Take care of your hydration, cleanliness, diet and sleep and enjoy healthy and glowing skin during autumn.

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